10 Personal Finance Tips

Do you have a Love Drawer? Here’s how to make one.
Here’s what we all should do to prepare for death from a financial perspective - Prepare a Love Drawer. The Love Drawer is basically a drawer that houses all of the important information your family needs in case something happens to you. Preparing for death is not a fun task, but it’s crucial to do this for your family.

Cash or Card

In your wallet you’ve got cash, and you’ve got credit cards. Which one should you reach for?

Be a Safe Driver

Vehicular accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury, so it pays to be safe. Here are some safety tips that are basic to the prevention of car accidents:
  • Stay Alert. Taking your eyes off the road is the biggest no-no. That means when you’re driving you should be: fully awake, sober, eyes focused on the road and not on your mobile phone or other distractions.


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