Splash but Don't Skid

Pioneer is committed to not only to protect you in case of loss or damage, but to also help you prevent inconvenient and unfortunate incidents. When visibility is reduced and the roads are wet or flooded, you should take extra caution while driving.
Here are some tips:

When driving in the rain:

Don't Sleep and Drive

Driving at night? Here are tips to stay awake:
  • If you can plan ahead, make sure you get several nights sleep before a trip where you’ll be driving at night.
  • Take a break while driving. Stretch, move and have a cold drink or coffee.

Be a Safe Driver

Vehicular accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury, so it pays to be safe. Here are some safety tips that are basic to the prevention of car accidents:
  • Stay Alert. Taking your eyes off the road is the biggest no-no. That means when you’re driving you should be: fully awake, sober, eyes focused on the road and not on your mobile phone or other distractions.
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