Provides both life insurance and investment components; The insurance component pays a predetermined amount when the insured individual dies, while the investment component builds an accumulated cash value the insured individual can borrow from or withdraw.


  • Embrace: Embrace is a single premium variable life insurance product that allows policyholders to save through direct investment in a Managed Fund or in an Equity Fund, perfect for those who are looking  for long term growth of investments.
  • Elite: Elite is a single premium variable life insurance product with no sales charge deducted from the premium invested. More  importantly, Elite shields the insured’s wealth from estate taxes.


  • Enhance: Enhance is a variable life insurance product offering fixed premium payments together with the flexibility to increase protection or maximize investment returns throughout the duration of the policy. This product  is perfect for those who are starting their career, families, and retirement fund.
  • InstaLife: InstaLife is an investment and life insurance plan with an Automatic Acceptance feature. That means no medical exam and health questionnaire needed to be covered. You are instantly insured upon application and payment of the first premium.
  • PowerFund: PowerFund is a regular pay variable life insurance plan that allows you to build a significant amount of funds for future  use by contributing to it in just three years.
  • SmartStart: SmartStartis a regular pay variable life insurance plan that insures expectant mothers against complications that may arise during pregnancy and provides insurance benefits for the child upon birth up to age 99.


  • SmartProtec: SmartProtec is a life insurance plan for people aged 40 and older that is affordable and does not require medical exams for acceptance. 


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