Protects the owners against losses caused by damage or destruction of  waterborne crafts.


  • Hull & Machinery: Covers loss of damage to a ship, its machinery and equipment, usually in conjunction with third-party collision liability.
  • Increased Values: Responds in the event of a total loss of a vessel as an extension to a ship’s Hull & Machinery policy.
  • War & Strikes: Provides for losses or damages arising out of war, civil war, rebellion, strikers, and terrorism, as complementary cover to a Hull & Machinery policy.
  • Shipbuilders’ Risk: Covers shipyards against loss of or damage to a ship under construction – from keel laying until the ship is turned over to the ship owner.
  • Ship Repairers’ Liability: Protects ship repairers against legal liabilities due to loss of or damage to a vessel being repaired under their care, custody and control.
  • Mortgage Interest Insurance: Protects the innocent mortgagee from financial loss consequent to the mortgagor’s act or omission that prohibits the mortgagee from claiming under the standard Hull & Machinery, War & Strikes or Protection & Indemnity insurances.
  • Loss of Hire: Covers loss of income on a daily basis as a result of temporary suspension of the vessel’s operation due to a casualty recoverable under the vessel’s Hull & Machinery policy, excluding total loss.
  • Terminal Operators’ Liability: Provides coverage to port/terminal operators for third party liabilities  such as cargo, contractual liabilities and liabilities to authorities. This cover can also be extended to include damage to own property and equipment and business interruption.
  • Freight, Demurrage, & Defense: Recovers expenses incurred in establishing or resisting claims involving a ship entered into this coverage.
  • Time Charterers’ Liability*: Responds to legal liabilities, plus other related costs and expenses, that a time charterer of the insured ship may be held legally liable for.
  • Protection & Indemnity Risks*: Responds to legal liabilities associated with the operation of a vessel that a shipowner may be exposed to. 

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