Top Fuel Saving Tips

Cut your gasoline consumption with these great tips.
  • There’s no need to rev your engine, particularly if you’re switching the engine off. This uses fuel needlessly.
  • Load gas during the coolest time of day – early morning or late evening are the best times to do this. This is because gasoline is at its most dense when its cool.


Friend or Foe

It’s Christmas shopping time. Often, we’re told, do your Christmas shopping early to get the best bargains. But without our year-end bonuses, to shop now would mean mostly charging it to our cards. Is that wise?
Get the answer by reading through these six tips to help ensure that you’re using your credit cards wisely, all year round!

Pioneer Introduces Elite

Pioneer Life Inc. recently added a new investment-laced life insurance product to its portfolio. Called Pioneer Elite, it is a single premium variable unit linked (VUL) product with no sales charge deducted from the premium invested. Elite was designed for those who want to preserve their wealth for their heirs while taking advantage of growth opportunities, because it is linked to funds composed of securities that are expertly managed by seasoned investment professionals.


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