Pioneer Pitches In For Yolanda Victims

Whether it’s by raising money through lemonade sales or donating piggybanks that contain their life savings, images of children helping out the victims of Typhoon Yolanda have been heartwarming and inspiring. Following its theme of celebrating “Christmas in the eyes of a child,” Pioneer’s Steering Committee has also taken measures to extend a hand to our fellow Filipinos by forgoing its 2013 Christmas Party and donating instead to the rebuilding operations that will benefit lives that have been affected by the recent calamity.

Pioneer Hong Kong

Almost six decades ago, Pioneer ventured overseas and opened its Hong Kong branch. Situated in the central district of Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, Pioneer’s HK branch remains as the only Philippine insurance company that is in direct business in China’s Special Administrative Region. 

Practicing Integrity at Work

Integrity is one of those abstract qualities that we all wish to possess but often find it difficult to apply when it comes to real situations and practical dilemmas. Here are some ways you can demonstrate integrity in the workplace:


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