Top Fuel Saving Tips

Cut your gasoline consumption with these great tips.
  • There’s no need to rev your engine, particularly if you’re switching the engine off. This uses fuel needlessly.
  • Load gas during the coolest time of day – early morning or late evening are the best times to do this. This is because gasoline is at its most dense when its cool.
  • Reducing speed increases fuel economy.
  • Raise your windows when you’re traveling at highway speed. Open windows cause some drag to the car, which reduces your mileage by some 10%.
  • Check tire pressure regularly, as under-inflated tires cause resistance, which burns more gas as you get your car to move.
  • Wheel alignment is something you should likewise check regularly.
  • Keep your car/trunk as light as possible. Extra weight reduces mileage, particularly when driving up an inclined road.
  • Avoid rush hour at all costs. Try to avoid being stuck in traffic if all you have to do is leave 30 minutes earlier or come in 30 minutes later.
  • The best fuel saving tip is, of course, to make sure the trip you’re taking is absolutely necessary. Also, do consider alternatives such as carpools, public transportation, walking or riding a bike.
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