Splash but Don't Skid

Pioneer is committed to not only to protect you in case of loss or damage, but to also help you prevent inconvenient and unfortunate incidents. When visibility is reduced and the roads are wet or flooded, you should take extra caution while driving.
Here are some tips:

When driving in the rain:
  1. Turn your headlights ON when visibility is compromised.
  2. Slow down when it rains or drizzles as these make roads slippery.
  3. Don’t step on the brakes, make turns or accelerate suddenly.
  4. Put a safe amount of space between you and the car ahead.
  5. Make sure your windshield is clean and the washer and wipers are working.
  6. To avoid skidding, slow down, keep steering in a straight direction, and don’t apply brakes suddenly.
When driving through flood:
  1. Assess how deep the flood in front of you is. If the water is too deep, find another route.
  2. If the water does not touch your car’s flooring area, then you can proceed slowly but steadily, at around 5kph. When you slow down it keeps splashing to a minimum, helping prevent the water from dousing your engine.
  3. After going through a flood, have your fuel tank checked for water. If there’s water present, you’ll have to clean out your tank.
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